20 Popular Snacks Ideal for Weight loss

What did you eat today? The most common question we usually ask each other. The reason behind asking the question so frequently perhaps our food habit leaves a significant impact on our health and life. We take food three times a day in large quantity, but our mouth never shuts down to take a bite of snacks in between. This cause excess weight gain in most of the cases, except for those who are very careful to choose the right kind of snacks for the right interval. Most of the snacks that are available are fried and contains oil and sugar in excess quantity. So, as we all know Indian Kitchen has a wide range of foods for breakfast to dinner, there are no exception for snacks. Let us help you to choose few snacks that will help you to lose your weight and at the same time meet your appetite.

20 Snacks For Weight Loss

1) Banana: Banana is an idea snack available in all places that fill up pour stomach easily without adding an extra pound to our weight. Having a banana in between meals can meet the appetite and nutrition as well. This sweet fruit is well known for its contribution to our health. Banana chips are a popular form of banana that available in the market. Banana has a lot of other health benefits as well.

2) Popcorn: One of the mostly eaten snacks in the interval of any event. One cup of air-popped popcorn serves only 31 calories, and it also has a low glycemic index. It has a good quantity of fibre and antioxidants. But be careful your popcorn should not load with cheese and spices. Act-II, Pop secret, Smart Food are popular brands.

3) Blueberries: Blueberries are perfect snacks to fill up the stomach and to lose belly fat. Besides, it rejuvenates our all over health also. It contains very low caloric and helps to control blood sugar. Famous brand available in the market is FLP Forever Blueberry Flavour enhancer.

4) Boiled egg: The Hardboiled egg is rich in protein, good fat, vitamins and minerals, but the best fact about it is its low-calorie content. So it is weight-loss friendly. What we get from one boiled egg is only 78 calorie.

5) Green salads: Salads are stomach filler, and there is no tension of getting extra weight. Its ideal snacks in the Indian kitchen. A plate full of salad made with fresh green vegetables is highly recommended for those who are undergoing weight loss management. Besides, it provides us with essential nutrients that we need and reduces the risk of getting cancer and heart diseases.

6) Spicy nuts: The high protein rich snacks ever and enough to meet the gap between two meals. Made of the mixture of nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds tossed in spices. One plate serves almost 20 g of protein and minimum carbohydrate. It’s a quite familiar snack for any evening party, and from the viewpoint of weightless, it is perfect. There are many ready to eat spicy nut brands available in the market.

7) Zucchini chips: A well-known summer squash type vegetable which is very popular worldwide. The crispy chips from zucchini are a tasty and stomach filler as well as low calorie. One cup of zucchini contains only 35 calories and a potent amount of Vitamin A and C. So it’s a perfect food for those who are thinking to quit chips in fear of getting extra pounds. Just Pure food has various fried zucchini items easily available on the market.

8) Edamame: Edamame is soybean in the immature state. The seed pods are eaten in boiled condition with salt, and it is cultivated with hand to avoid the damage to its root and stem. Edamame is processed variously to use it like tofu, soya sauce etc. it is often sold in frozen conditions in foreign countries. It contains a high amount of protein, aids in sugar control and cholesterol. It can be a part of our daily snacks as it contains low calorie and thus helps in weight loss.

9) Strawberries With frozen yoghurt: Strawberry in frozen yoghurt is perfect as a weightless snacks as it contains low calorie and at the same time helps to reduce our hunger in between meals. It is always better to make yoghurt at home. The health benefits of strawberries include eye care, blood pressure control, improve immune system etc. and when it combines with yoghurt, it becomes a high source of protein and antioxidants. It is available in the market with the famous brands, like Hood fat-free frozen yoghurt with strawberries.

10) Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is among those snacks that are extremely beneficial for nutrition from various aspects and weight loss. Dark chocolate contains more falvnoids, and less sugar than usual chocolate which can provide a high nutritional value. It is an energy enhancer food, contains minerals and antioxidants. So don’t think twice to bite a dark chocolate. Popular Brands are Almond Keto Dark chocolate, Rage dark chocolate, Zevic 70% Belgian Dark chocolate with Stevia etc.

11) Dry fruits: If you wish to meet up your hunger and taste at the same time a plateful of dry fruits is the best choice. You don’t have to compromise with nutritional value as this healthy combo package of protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fat; you can include the variety of dry fruits including dates, almonds, cashew nuts, apricot together with a little piece of pepper and basil to it to make it even more tastier. All these dry fruits have calories in concentrated form and ideal for your weight loss. So there could be no other better option than this. Favourite brands are Pik-Nik date’s cashew, Delinuts cashew nuts tangy chilli garlic etc.

12) Makhana: Fox nuts or makhana is obtained from a flowering plant under lily family. The edible portion is the seeds which are starchy. It is known as super food in terms of health benefit as it is a huge source of protein, potassium, iron, zinc and high in fibre, but low in calories. It aids in weight loss. Its popular dish for fasting in ceremonies. Many dishes can be made from makhana like makhana kheer, makhana with mushroom etc. Makhana has a lot of health benefits.

13) Chiya Bar: Chiya seeds are power packed tiny seeds that help to lose weight and controls blood sugar level. Chiya bars are made from chiya seeds with other ingredients, like unsweetened coconut, gluten free oats, vanilla extract, organic flavour but low sugar. It is healthy and stomach filler snacks. Popular brands are Health Warriors.

14) Dry roasted Moongdal: Moong dal is a source of high protein, and low carbohydrates and dry roasted Moongdal are considered to be a delicious appetite maker as a snack with tea or coffee. From 100 grammas of modal, we can get 24g of protein, dilatory fibre, carbohydrates and 347kcal energy. Being an integral part of the Indian kitchen, it is available in the variety of brands like Haldirum, Nathu’s, Lehar etc. it’s a most favourite namkeen in India that inhibits weight gain.

15) Baked fish with salads: A healthy addition to our weight loss diet as it contains high protein, but low in carbohydrates and fat. Besides, it fulfils your hunger and makes you feel full from inside. As a result, indirectly inhibits your habit of taking junk foods often. If it is served with the fresh green salad with broccoli, carrot, green beans, the nutrition value get doubled. As per many research about a calorie restricted weight loss diet, fish is the best option. Just brush olive oil before you bake it. Fish is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids and it also contains vitamin A, and D.We gets several benefits for our heart, bones, and eyes from fish. Gorton’s, Donald Skehan’s are some of the popular brands.

16) Green Tea: Being the healthiest beverage of the world green tea is no more a new name in the Indian kitchen. It is the best choice for all as it serves us with numerous health benefits. Loaded with polyphenol(catching), Caffeine, tannins, Vitamins like A,B1,B12.K,P,minerals like iron ,calcium, magnesium and many more. It’s a storehouse of anti-oxidants. We can also use green tea detox drink to get rid of the harmful toxin. Several studies have revealed that green tea helps to boost up metabolism and fat oxidation rate and control blood sugar by improving insulin activity. If you want to use green tea for a successful weight loss mission, you have to go for Matcha green tea. Lipton, Happy Valley, organic India is some of the favourite brands.

17) Grilled pineapple: you can beat your appetite with a plateful of grilled pineapple. It is good for your health as it provides you with vitamins and low calories which are weight friendly. Pineapple has a natural sugar that forms a crunchy coating when grilled. From each serving of grilled pineapple, we get the appropriate amount of calories and carbohydrates we require. The dilatory fibre present in grilled pineapple digests slowly and so it keeps us full for a long time.

18) Cereal with Milk: A bowl full of cereals with skimmed milk can provide us with nutrition and low calories. It is a healthy snack and ideal for weight loss. There are a variety of cereals like cornflakes, oatmeal’s, broken wheat etc. The best benefit of eating cereals is to stay full and avoiding weight gaining. Favourite brands of cereals are Kellogg’s, Lucky charms, golden Graham’s etc.Cereals are good to cure constipation, lower bad cholesterol, good supplements of vitamin and energy.

19) Fruit Salad: You are always gaining something nutritional every time you are consuming fruits whether it’s a fruit salad or fruit smoothie.We can make fruit salads by ourselves with apple, papaya, banana, kiwi, grapes, blueberries together with a piece of salt and black pepper; it fills our heart and stomach. Besides it provides us with vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. Include watermelon and raspberries in your salad if you want weight loss at the same time.

20) Red Cabbage with Apple: With the onset of the new trend of organic foods in Indian kitchen red cabbage is quite a popular name among them. It has the antioxidants that fight with premature ageing and cancer, improves skin and eyes. As a snacks shredded red cabbage can be tossed in olive oil with slices of Apple is a great relief for those who quit food in fear of weight gain. Apples contain pectin that amalgamates with water and prevents fat absorption. Eating a plateful of this kind of salad before your mean can cut your calorie intake as you will feel less hungry.

So friends, last but not the least, you may go for ready-made snacks to avoid wastage of time, but always keep in mind that additional toppings, sugar and oil can give you the reverse result as far as obesity is concerned. So it’s better to make by yourself and enjoy healthy eating habits with no tension for gaining weight. If you are looking for food options instead of snacks for weight loss, you can check out the 13 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods.


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