16 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Calendula Tea

A Dig into Calendula Flowers:

Calendula is a type of marigold flower. It is bright yellow in color. As beautiful as it is to look at, this flower also acts as a herb. Calendula flower petals can be used as a herbal tea. Calendula Tea has many health benefits and healing powers. Calendula Oil is a known ingredient for skin medicines.

Marigold has two types of flowers included in its family, namely the taget and calendula. Calendula is consumable whereas taget cannot be consumed. Calendula flower petals can be used in salads and food items for imparting color. It can also be used as dye for coloring of clothes. Medicinally, calendula can also be used to treat diseases like fever, conjunctivitis, wounds and bruises as well.

How To Make Calendula Tea?

Making Calendula tea is an easy procedure. Here is the list of things you will need and the method of making this beneficial concoction.

What you need?

You need calendula flowers. Dry and dehydrate them under direct heat of the sun for 5-6 hours. You could also use a dehydrator. Place them in a dehydrator at 90 degree Fahrenheit for about 12 hours. Press the petals between your fingers and check if it is dry enough. If not, continue to dry the petals in the dehydrator.

Store these flower petals in a mason jar. These petals can be used to make tea for about 10 to 15 days.

How to make Tea:

Boil a cup of water and add the boiled water to the dried calendula tea petals. Let the tea steep 10-12 minutes.

You can make Tea using fresh flower petals also. Just add boiled water to fresh flower petals

Health Benefits and Uses of Calendula Tea:

1. Rinsing Sore Throat:

Make a cup of warm calendula tea and use it to gargle. Calendula tea clears the throat off all the mucus. It heals the redness in your throat and keeps you away from throat ache problem.

2. Calendula Tea as Mouth Rinse:

The flowers have an antiseptic effect and can hence be used to rinse the germs off the mouth. It heals the swollen gums and also treats blisters, if any. This tea serves the purpose of maintaining a good oral health and also provides shining teeth. It is thus a recommended home remedy by dentist for most of your dental problems.

3. Used to Treat Acne:

Who likes to have a face full of acne? Do not proceed to answer this question because it is implied that nobody does. Well if you have a jar stored up of calendula flower petals, you could make yourself a tea. While drinking some of it, you can also apply the same on your face to treat your acne. Calendula contains anti-microbial properties. It kills the germs and bacteria which are responsible for causing acne on your face. You could apply the tea on your face and let it rest until it dries. Then clean it off with cold water.

4. Calendula Tea can be used as Anti-Septic:

You can use calendula tea to spray on diaper rashes and skin problems like eczema and skin irritation. The petals of calendula tea carry anti-septic properties that kill bacteria and germs causing skin problems. They also provide a soothing effect to your skin.

5. Dandruff free Hair:

Just like your skin, calendula also kills the bacteria on your scalp. It heals itchy scalp and clears dandruff. It also prevents flaking and stops dandruff from reoccurring. You may also be lucky and have other problems like that of lice cleared from your head by rubbing calendula water on your scalp.

6. Calendula Tea aids Digestion:

This tea enables a better digestive system. It acts as a catalyzer and quickens the process of digestion. You can drink this tea early in the morning to ensure a good digestion.

7. Calendula Tea cures Fungal infection on Foot:

Calendula tea can be used to cure problems of fungal infection. Athlete’s foot called tinea pedis is a contagious skin infection. It is a fungal problem and spreads on touching. This problem too can be cured by pouring calendula tea on the fungal infections.

8. Calendula Tea has anti-inflammatory properties:

This tea has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the body from pains and aches. It also keeps diseases like arthritis away from the body.

9. Make Home Made Baby Wipes:

Soak Tissues in Calendula Tea and make your own baby wipes. These wipes are a source of disinfectant and kills the bacteria. It also moisturizes and cleanses the skin. These wipes will keep your baby’s skin from harsh rashes of the diapers.

10. Calendula Tea regulates Menstruation:

Calendula tea makes menstrual cycles more regular. It increases the pelvic contractions thus clearing the menstrual blood easily from the uterus. This also helps in relieving menstrual cramps. Have this tea during those days of the month and check the effects for your self.

11. Heals Gastric Ulcers:

Stomach Ulcers or Gastric Ulcers as they may be interchangeably called are painful sores that develop in the stomach lining. Stomach Ulcers fall under the broad criteria of peptic ulcers. Peptic Ulcers include stomach ulcers and the ulcers on small intestine. Drinking Calendula Tea has been reported to heals the effects of stomach ulcers. This herbal tea is advised in place of your regular tea because of its medicinal properties.

12. Cures Bloating:

Calendula Tea is a perfect healer of stomach bloating. Bloating is the feeling of being constantly full. It usually happens due to indigestion and flatulence. Calendula Tea aids better digestion and thus clears bloating problems.

13. Frozen Calendula Tea:

You could freeze calendula tea in small ice cubes and use them to apply over burns and blisters. The cool effect of calendula tea acts as a soothing agent. The anti-microbial effects prevents formation of puss and other such related skin problems. You could use this method to treat your sunburns and sun tans and restore the normal skin type. Apply it over blemishes for a clearer and healthier skin.

14. Aids Weight Loss:

Calendula Tea increases metabolism and speedens up digestion. It could thereby be used to cut down on belly fat and reduce weight. This herbal tea contains nearly zero calories and is easy to digest. It also keeps your body hydrated for a longer period of time and makes you feel more full thus cutting down the urge to eat more frequently.

15. Helps in a Sound Sleep:

Calendula Tea leaves help to attain a sound sleep. This tea coaxes the pain from the body. It calms down the muscles and relaxes the body. This thus helps in attaining an undisturbed sleep after a tiring and hectic day. Try to consume this tea before bed for verified results.

16. Calendula Tea used in Spas:

Calendula flower extracts and petals can be used in spas due to their aromatic therapy and treatment. Their scent calms your senses and relaxes your muscles. It cuts down on inflammation and drives the pain away fromthe body. This is thus used as a popular recipe in spas and is very effective for therapies.

With all these health benefits, you must remember to choose the right kind of English marigold. Do not confuse the edible calendula with the inedible flower. Also, this tea is not recommended for pregnant ladies as it induces flow of blood and could pose a risk of a miscarriage. You must also not consume more than two cups of this tea once a day. Remember, moderation is the key to good health.

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