11 Teas That Help With Bloating

Bloating is a condition in which your stomach will feel heavy and painful and inflated. You may have not consumed as much food but you will easily feel as if you are too full. This article will provide you with a list of tea for bloating that could help you gain relief off these symptoms.

Symptoms and Causes of Bloating at a Glance:

Feeling of heaviness, abdominal cramps, Frequent Burping, Gas are all symptoms of bloating. Bloating may be caused due to various reasons. A few of them being indigestion, Eating foods and beverages that are difficult to digest, being lactose intolerant and consuming milk products, having developments of stones in the gall bladder, Eating foods like cabbage and broccoli that lead to development of gas in your stomach or gynecological disorders like endometriosis.

There are a hoard of Home remedies for treating Bloating, it’s symptoms and effects. With such remedies, you may also want to try the following teas. They provide a more instant relief and can be your go-to option especially if you are stuck in the middle of some important work and the symptoms of bloating begin to bother you.

Effective Tea for Bloating:

1. Ginger Tea:

Ginger is popular for its quickening digestion of food in your stomach. It contains a bioactive compound termed as gingerol that eases stomach bloating. Ginger tea is also an effective remedy for nausea. Fresh ginger also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in easing stomach cramps and abdominal discomforts due to bloating. This is how you make ginger tea.


Fresh Raw Ginger, Hot water, Lime Juice.

How to Prepare:

Pour hot water over raw and fresh ginger. Add a few drops of lemon to it. Stir and let it rest for five minutes. Drink this tea once lukewarm.

2. Hibiscus Tea:

Hibiscus tea contains flavonoids which aid in digestion and cutting down of gas in your body. This flower also contains aldosterone that regulates the absorption and release of water in the kidneys. This also thus prevents bloating of your stomach.


Fresh or dried hibiscus flowers, Hot Water, Honey, Lime Juice

How to Prepare:

Mix hibiscus flower petals, honey and lime juice in a mug. Pour hot water to this mixture. Stir and steep for about 5 minutes. Gulp the tea down once it attains average temperature.

3. Lemon Tea:

Lemon tea contains a compound called D-Limonene which reduces the water retention in your body. The extra water that accumulates in your system could also lead to bloating. This compound also has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your metabolism. Lemon tea is a great start to your day if you have problems of digestion. This is the tea you need to resort to even if you wish to lose some weight.


Just a freshly sliced lime, honey and some heated water.

How to Prepare:

Heat the water until lukewarm. Pour it on one tea spoon of lemon. Add some honey. Drink this tea empty stomach for best results first thing in the morning.

4. Fennel Seed Tea:

Fennel are a flavoring spice that adds the extra relish to your food. It also serves the dual purpose of acting as a herb. It contains antioxidants that kill the free radicals that float in your body and cause pains and aches in your body. The essential oils found in fennel seeds provides you an effective remedy to bloating.


Powdered Fennel Seeds, Hot Water, Honey.

How to Prepare:

Add hot water to fennel seeds powder. Mix some honey. Let is steep for a few minutes. Drink while still hot.

5. Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint is what your mother gave you to provide a solution to your aching stomach. Peppermint treats abdominal pains and also reduces the effects of  bloating. It reduces inflammation and soothes cramps. The menthol oil in peppermint has all roles to play in providing you with these benefits.


Hot water, Mint Leaves, Lemon drops, Honey.

How to Prepare:

Pour hot water on mint leaves, honey and add a few drops of lemon to it. Stir and then steep for five minutes.

6. Dandelion Root Tea:

Dandelion roots eliminate toxins from your liver and cleanses the system off impurities. This prevents bloating and also beats the symptoms of bloating in your body. It improves metabolism, boosts appetite, relieves digestive ailments and also relieves constipation. To take benefits from dandelion roots, here’s how you can make a tea.


Dandelion roots, fresh and cleaned, Hot Water and Honey.

How to Prepare:

Pour freshly boiled water over clean and fresh dandelion roots, add honey and let it stir and steep. You could also add some mint leaves to the tea. Gulp this tea down for assured results.

7. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is effective for treating problems like Irritable Bowel System, stomach cramps due to bloating and also due to menstruation. This tea also regulates digestion. It also provides a soothing effect. Here’s how you can make it for yourself.


Chamomile petals, Hot water, honey, Mint leaves.

How to Prepare:

Take fresh Chamomile flower petals, one tea spoon of honey and a few mint leaves in a mug. Pour boiling hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. Drink while its still warm.

8. Fenugreek Seeds Tea:

Fenugreek Seeds also have proven to provide effective result in controlling gas and stomach bloating. It cuts down on the gas deposits and makes metabolism smooth. Fenugreek seeds contain fiber which aids digestion. It helps in eliminating toxins deposited in liver and kidney and keeps them functioning efficiently.


One Tea spoon of fenugreek seeds, honey (optional), hot water.

How to Prepare:

Pour boiling hot water on the fenugreek seeds and then add a bit of honey to it if you wish to add some sweet taste. The tea, without honey is recommended for diabetic patients as it controls the glucose levels in your blood. Let the water rest until it has acquired the colour of the seeds. Sieve and drink once the water assumes lukewarm temperature. It gives instant results in curing stomach ache.

9. Clove Tea:

The anti-microbial properties of cloves help to keep impurities like mucus from being developed. Cloves, in their own unique manner, play a small yet important part in promoting good digestion. One test-tube study showed that clove essential oil was effective at killing off three common types of bacteria, including E. coli, a strain of bacteria that can cause cramps and diarrhea thus disrupting your digestive system. Clove has also had its role in controlling signs of bloating.


Not more than 2 cloves, Warm Water, Honey and Lemon Juice

How to Prepare:

Repeat the drill. Add hot water to cloves, honey and lemon mixture. Let it rest and drink it after about 5-10 minutes. Do not drink this tea extremely hot. Let it cool down to room temperature.

10. Lavendar Tea:

Lavendars are beautiful flowers with equally appalling medicinal properties. It is also soothing for digestive ailments, intestinal gas, nausea, vomiting, and for easing an upset stomach. Lavender tea is thought to possess these healing properties due to an oil that seems to have sedating effects and might relax certain muscles.


Either dried or fresh lavendar blossoms. Prefer organic flowers. Hot Water.

How to Prepare:

Add the lavendar blossom petals, either fresh or dried, to hot water. Let it rest for about ten minutes and strain the flower. Drink this tea and experience the calming and soothing effects while it relaxes your muscles.

11. Green Tea:

When you talk about antioxidants, green tea crosses your mind first. Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water. Green Tea is a ‘non-fermented’ tea and contains more Catechins than Black tea or Oolong tea. It enhances metabolism, reduces weight, clears the stomach off harmful bacteria that could cause cramps and bloating and enhances digestive health. With so many benefits and easy availability, you need a very valid reason to not consume green tea atleast thrice in a week.


Green Tea leaves, either dried or tea bags. Hot water, Honey.

How to Prepare:

Add green tea leaves to boiling water. Let it steep for ten minutes. In a mug, add about a tea spoon of honey, sieve the tea leaves and have the green tea. You may also add some lemon to it.

With their unique place in the lives of people, these tea have also helped in shaping a healthy lifestyle for their consumers. If you haven’t tried any of these, it is highly recommended that you try now. Bloating or no Bloating, these teas help in maintaining overall health.

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