10 Reasons Why Prague Is Just The Place To Be

Prague, the 14th largest city of the European Union and the capital of Czech Republic, is one of the most astounding cities I’ve visited. It’s 8 hours away from Amsterdam (which should also be on your wanderer’s lust list). Pronounced as Praha in the local language that is Czech, the term refers to “rapid”, which again denotes of the crossing point that the city resides on the river Vltava.

Breathtakingly beautiful whereabouts, amiable locals and of course some toothsome dishes that you can try, Prague has something for everyone. Here though are the 10 reasons why Prague shall stay with me for a lifetime.


  1. Sauntering Across the Charles Bridge


Source- prague.eu

(Rub this statue to come back again)

When you are strolling across this prepossessing bridge above Vltava River, you’ll come across a lot of statues, but there is this one statue (Picture attached) which attracted the most number of people, it is believed that when you rub that statue, you are bound to come back. I gathered all my patience and joined the queue because nirvana resided there, right there on the bridge and even before you leave the place, you have thoughts of coming back again and again !! P.S Make sure you visit the bridge both at day and night.


  1. Climb 287 Steps at the Prague Castle for the Most Enchanting View!


(The view)


Undoubtedly, the city’s most popular attraction, Prague castle has history written all over it. A home to the Czech Rulers earlier, now resides the President. The complex consist of buildings like St Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane and Basillica of St George, but its the Great South Tower of the Cathedral that will interest one and all. So this might sound far fetched but you have to climb 287 steps and there awaits the most surreal view.


  1. Spend Some Time at the Old Town Square.


Source – prague-guide.
( Me posing with a street performer)

The old town square has a lot to offer. The architecture that is relatively untouched since as long as the 10th Century, Musicians playing tranquilizing rhythms on loop, street performers who are awaiting to click a picture with you (10/20 CEZ per picture) and of course the delectable street side munchies. Oh and did I mention there are also a lot of Beer Cycle Rides that start here!!


  1. Witness the Astronomical Clock Strike an Hour.


Source – fineartamerica

Built in the 15th Century, the clock is one of the most preserved medieval mechanical clocks in the world. You may find countless onlookers waiting for the clock to strike an hour but be calm and composed because it is worth a ‘watch’, like literally.


  1. Chuck the World Famous Beer.


Source – only-apartments

You can have my word, because I am sure you’ll agree when you have it, The Czech make the most delicious beer you’ll have in your life. In fact, The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser and Bernard are some well known Czech Beer brands.


  1. Commend the Lennon Wall.



The spellbinding wall is filled with graffiti and pictures of John Lennon. Chances are you may find your favorite paragraphs of The Beatles songs written on this wall. A popular tourist spot, its enchanting to see fans paying homage to the honorable band by dropping by here.


  1. Go See the Demises Premises, The Olsany Cemetery


Source -alamy

If you want your art nouveau graveyard moments, then this Prague’s largest cemetery that accommodates more than 2 million burials will surely excite you. The never ending graveyard will take atleast 3 hours for a stroll and is a paradise for the shutterbugs.


  1. Discover your Titillating Side at Strip Clubs.

Source – unique-w

There is absolutely no denying that Prague is also known for its approach towards the sex trade that I assure is nowhere close to what people call vulgar. The atmosphere in there is nothing short of an experience and its startling to see ladies alluring the hell out of you on some up beating dance numbers.


  1. Munch on Some Delectable Czech Cuisines.

Source – chowhound
Source – flickr

Savory treats await you in the streets of Prague. There are endless economical options, but let me mention you just two things that are the best of the rest. The first one if Tredlnik, it may be hard to pronounce but it is basically the synonym of yummy, it is wrapped pastry dough topped with chocolate, sugar and nuts. The second most irresistible  dish and again hard to pronounce is Smazeny Syr. This one is strictly for the cheese lovers as it is cheese served deep fried. Nom Nom.


  1. Wander on the Streets of Mala Strana.

Source -tripsavvy

Mala strana translates to “Little Side” or “Lesser Side” in English. These picturesque streets are on the slopes just below Prague Castle. St. Nicholas Church is one of the most absorbing piece of architecture on this street. Mala strana is also one of the best places to put up in Prague as Charles Bridge and The Old Town Square are within walking distance.


Ready, set, go?

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