10 Proven Health Benefits of Oats

Oat is one of the most beneficiary plants from Avena sativa (cereal grain) species. It is also grown as most of the other plants by germinating seeds. Oat is highly consumed by humans as it is plentiful food correlated to lower blood cholesterol if gobbled up regularly. Oats content protein (Avenins) which is very much homogeneous to gliadin which is found in wheat. Avenins can precipitate celiac disease in a very simple fraction of people.

And also the products which are formed by Oats are many a time defiled by other gluten-containing grains predominantly by Barley and Wheat.

The annually grown plants can be nicely nurtured in temperate regions mostly during autumn and later summers. The green and watery plant requires least summer heat and can condone a high heavy rainfall. Oats can primarily be cultivated in wet and rainy areas such as in Iceland and Northwest Europe.

In the year 2014, the most significant production of oats was led by Russia which was about 5.3 million tonnes from an overall output of 22.7 tonnes throughout the world.

Oats have become favorites and darling to dietician and health advisors since the 1980s. Before 1800s unprocessed oats and oatmeals were commonly used to feed animals like cattle and horse.

But nowadays, oats are purchased as ordinary and luxury eatable. There are a lot of famous food brands which sells the fine and processed quality of oats and oatmeals which are highly used worldwide. Some of the most renowned brand dealings in oats are Quaker Oats, Bob’s Red Mill, Bagrry’s and Old Fashioned Oats, etc.

Health Benefits of Oats

1. Improves immune system:

It boosts your immune system due to the presence of beta-glucan. There are particular receptors in your immune system to absorb beta-glucan. It promotes WBC and fights against diseases. Selenium and zinc, present in oats battle against infections. It also cures chronic fatigue syndrome, physical as well as mental stress. It supports treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation by improving immune order. It diminishes symptoms of “asthma” to a great extent. That’s why people give importance to oats porridge, especially for their children.

2. Lose weight:

It is full of whole grains that maintain body weight. Oats are rich in fiber. It has properties to soak water and makes you feel satiated. It also helps to reduce obesity and distribution of abdominal fat as well. Break your fat fast by having oats that will give your day an excellent start and help you lose weight.

3. Good for people with diabetes:

Since oats are rich in fibers, you can say it has a low level of the glycemic index. It digests slowly and is a good food for diabetic people. Therefore, it prevents blood sugar stake. Besides it, it lessens insulin prescription. It is much efficient for type 2 diabetes. But always avoid instant or flavored varieties of oats because they have sugar supplement and can make the condition worse.

4. Improves bone health:

Oats are loaded with essential minerals that are highly useful for bone health. It aids significantly in bone formation, development, and maintenance. It helps you to stay away from postmenopausal osteoporosis. Before using it for such purposes, you should consult your doctor because it can hamper calcium absorption. Also, you should ignore instant oatmeal.

5. Treat hypertension:

Involving cooked or organic oatmeal in your diet is a fruitful therapy to tend hypertension. It helps one to minimize his systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. It allocates feeling of calmness by reducing the stress hormones. Also, it effectively diminishes the symptoms of heart diseases. Thus, obese people entail it highly.

6. Beneficial for cardiac health:

LDL oxidation is highly responsible for the causes of heart diseases. Thus, the “avenanthramides” and phenolic acid present in oats which works against LDL reaction. Beta-glucan, a soluble fiber present in oats, deplete cholesterol quantity. Beta-glucan behaves like favorable and robust chemical for the heart. Oats also carry vitamin E that is good for heart health. It helps to get rid of cardiovascular diseases. Oats have all these properties because it can absorb all the components that lead to heart diseases.

7. Ease menopause symptoms:

During menopause fatigue or irritability, it is better to consume fluffy as well as slow-release energy foods. Oats are well known for having such wealthiness. It has soluble fibers that reduce all the physical and mental stress as well. It prevents your body to feel inflammatory responses. It keeps you energized for more prolonged and satiable time. As a result, it prevents you overeating that causes fatigue.

8. Dietary therapy for skin:

Oat is considered as one of the worthiness food of whole grains. It has many properties favorable for the skin. Eating and applying it, both are effective. Utilizing oats facial (2 cups of oats, 1 cup of milk and one tablespoon of honey) on your skin for at least 15 minutes provides it needed moisture. Also, it accommodates saponins substances that perform as a natural cleanser. It fights against blackheads, acne, red spots, etc. and lightens your skin naturally without having any side effect.

9. Hair protector:

Oats help to meet with blond and dandruff free hairs and roots out hair fall. Ground oats run better for such reasons. Prepare an oatmeal shampoo using lemon and apple cider vinegar. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. Apply it to your scalp. It provides you stronger hair follicles and silky and shiny hairs alternatively.

10. Cures chicken pox:

A homemade oatmeal deals with discomfort while suffering from diseases like chicken pox. It relieves itchy skin, rashes and insect bites, shingles, poison ivy as well. It performs like a palliative and also soothes dry skin. Therefore have a bath in oatmeal. Besides, you can put some oat floor in a cheesecloth. Tie it tightly and squeeze its water in your bathtub. Also, you can rub this sack on the affected or itchy areas of your skin. It will help you to stay away from terrible time.

As oats are becoming one of the most beneficiary parts of a balanced diet so every human should start consuming is it today in any of the meal and start enjoying a healthy and energetic life.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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