10 Countries Where Currency is Cheaper Than Indian Rupee

Planning for your next holiday abroad? Whether your budget is low or not so low, whether you know what you want to do and where you want to visit or do not, here is a list of all those countries where Indian currency has more value. So pack your bags to travel the world without worrying about unloading your heaving pockets. Here is an exclusive list of countries where the Indian currency makes you feel unbelievably rich.


  1. Vietnam


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Once a lesser known destination, now well known for its Buddhist Pagodas, temples, museums, and appetizing Vietnamese cuisine, it is a must visit for the worth of money it offers. This country is always on move whether it be the wavy roads on the high terraced hills, or perhaps a boat journey on one of their rivers. War museums, astonishing landscapes and French colonial architecture have been attracting tourists all over the world.

1 INR = 357.12 VND


  1. Zimbabwe


Image source- Europeansanctions


Once known as the Breadbasket of Africa and now famous for its culture and distinctive sightings; it offers great accommodation, exotic food, and comfort travelling at easily affordable prices.  This place offers the diversity in animals from the majestic elephants to the gigantic giraffe. Also, the Victoria Falls which plunges deep into the Zambezi Gorge creating a cloud of mist is an idiosyncratic sight to behold.

1 INR = 5.70 ZWD


  1. Costa Rica


Image source- Mygoodplanet


In case you happen to be a nature lover, Costa Rica is a unquestionably a place to visit. It is popularly known for its breathtaking beaches offering the greatest escape from your mundane chores. https://thedentallounge.com/ The Costa Rican tropical atmosphere definitely helps you rejuvenate in the most tranquil manner. Ecotourism is a major highlight in Costa Rica.

1 INR- 8.20 CRC


  1. Mongolia


Image source- toursmonoliga


Labelled as the ‘land of blue skies’, Mongolia derives its unique charm from the fact that locals there still follow the nomadic lifestyle. A home to vast open spaces, tourists can relax in the lap of nature surrounded by vast plains and majestic mountains. Not to mention that having rupees in your pocket will ensure that you have access to not only a scenic adventure but also the scrumptious food served with fancy drinks.

1 INR = 31.84 MT


  1. Hungary


Ranked amongst the top 15 popular destinations in the world, Hungary is home to numerous world Heritage Sites, reserves, and the tallest buildings. With reasonable accommodation and delicious food, Hungary offers many diverse destinations, lakes and rivers of all sorts and many beautiful villages and hidden gems cities. Also, the capital, Budapest regarded as the most beautiful in the world for the marvelous light suspended bridge over the river Danube is a must visit.

1 INR = 4.10 HF


  1. Iceland


Image source- thisiscollossal


Well, Iceland is not a destination but an adventure, where fire and ice coexist. Known for its tremendous Icelandic nature and the beauty of the rugged landscape, there are so many other reasons to visit Iceland, primary reason being the enchanting Northern Lights. Over the years, Iceland has emerged as one of Europe’s most dynamic gastronomic destinations.

1 INR = 1.66 ISK


  1. Nepal


Image source- majzooban


Home of the tallest mountain of the world, Mount Everest, Nepal is the ideal place for experiencing some adventure in the rocky wilderness. Not to mention the amazing hospitality of the Nepalese accompanied by sumptuous food and exotic drinks. In a country where having Indian rupee makes you feel rich, everything you desire is easily accessible, thus filling your pockets with an incredible vacation. Nepal is famous for its world class casinos.

1 INR- 1.6 Nepalese Rupees


  1. South Korea

South Korea is indeed a dream destination offering abundant breathtaking views and a varied landscape. Popularly known for its superb transport infrastructure, tropical islands and high tech cities, South Korea is hailed as the most organised country in the world.

1 INR- 17.67 South Korean Won


  1. Japan


Image source- pinsdaddy


Shocked? that Japan being the most technologically developed nation has its currency value lesser than the Indian rupee. Well, this is enough reason to visit Japan and experience the fusion of ancient traditions with modern life. From the splendor of the traditional dances to the spare beauty of the gardens, Japan has the power to enchant even the most wearied traveler. Travel in Japan is always smooth and on the go whether using a subway or the bullet train.

1 INR = 1.72 JPY


  1. Sri Lanka


Image source- worldtravelfair


Surrounded by beautiful beaches, sand dunes and historical monuments, Sri Lanka is referred to as the lustrous pearl of the Indian ocean. The country’s rich diversity is a popular attraction for tourists. The island is known for archaeological spaces with Buddhist history, wildlife, and a landscape of rainforests, beaches and arid plains. Also, its among the countries which allow Visa-On-Arrival to Indians.


1 INR = 2.37 LKR (Srilankan Rupee)



Your savings will be worth more when you reach there. Do check the rates again before booking.


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